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Transform your training with our custom learning solutions

  • eLearning design and development
  • LMS Development and maintenance
  • Digitization of F2F trainings and content
  • Blended learning programs
  • Video based development
  • Virtual Instructor Led Trainings (VILT)

The mode of learning delivery influences design!

Organizations do not stick to a singular learning mode – neither can content designers.We customize learning content based on delivery mode, learner profile, expected learning outcomes and the desired impact.

Our approach to content design is grounded on three pillars that mind the learner, learning environment and subject matter.

Instructional design

Driven by the purpose of learning, instructional design principles dictate the early stage of analysis and content design to ensure a meaningful learning experience.

Media and Visuals

Content creates impact when good instructional design meets delightful visual design accounting for learner, medium, subject and environment.


Whether delivered on-demand or administrated as a cohort, engagement fosters application and adoption. Through relevant interactions we ensure engagement.

Our interventions to content design are varied - some of the common strategies we execute include

Manage modern day challenges of distractions and multi-tasking via Video learning interventions

Scenarios help learners know the impact of their choices and learn from mistakes in a safe environment.

Short learning events address learning gaps on demand and at the best time for the learners

Branching Simulations fosters exploration of various decision-making paths to get the desired outcomes

Branching Simulations fosters exploration of various decision-making paths to get the desired outcomes

Game-based approach motivates learning and practice while making learning fun.

Here are some common learning interventions that organizations have engaged us as content design partners

We make this viable through a host of capabilities that our clients choose
from based on organizational needs.



Assessment Design

Graphics and Animation

Video Production

VO/Sound Editing


Cross-Platform Deployment

Performance Support

Project Management

Our engagement attains fruition when clients are able to roll out the learning program and drive results they pursued in the first place. Here are a few such examples

The Need

A global NGO working on addressing poverty and injustice had a major learning challenge to ensure optimum impact of their interventions – Program Quality. It was essential for their staff and stakeholders in all parts of the world to understand what it means and how it impacts what the organization and its humanitarian work is all about.

Our Solution

An interactive, responsive and multilingual learning program with situational exercises was designed for a global audience. 

Rolled out with recorded insights as well as provision for ‘live’ intervention from the senior staff, the program garnered distinct attention and praise for its practical orientation, flexible approach and contextual examples.

The Need

When the global agency for sustainable urban development took on to build capacity among key stakeholders in the ACP (African Caribbean and the Pacific) region, the knowledge intervention needed deep dive into the slum upgrading framework and create a learning series that caters to the broader audience in multiple languages.

Our Solution

Through a series of knowledge transfer workshops and brainstorming sessions, the complex approaches were fit into over 15 modules and packaged as self-paced learning courses that are fit for low-bandwidth, responsive and interactive.

Produced in English and French, the engagement included a custom learning platform rollout for over 1000 learners in the region.

The Need

Frontliners across Eastern Europe and UK dealing with congenital and infectious diseases had to be trained on various aspects of healthcare – but the complexity of the topics called for an approach that cannot solely be self-paced.

Add to this the need for content in native languages and the hosting, support and monitoring of learners.

Our Solution

A series of low-bandwidth ready, interactive and responsive modules were developed in English and translated to other languages including Russian for rollout across geographies.

The output was a 12-week blended course with a series of self-paced modules and synchronous sessions. In addition a custom LMS platform was built and supported with 24/7 support for the learners throughout the program to ensure completion!

Some of the organizations that continue to trust and engage us