Creative Development Expert for ASEAN Capital Markets Forum (ACMF)

Sector:Private sector development
SDGs: Partnerships for the Goals
Country/Region: ASEAN

The Need

As part of the implementation of a technical assistance project by ADB, one of the milestone activities remained the development of a communication strategy for the ASEAN Capital Market Forum, with a specific recommendation to communicate initiatives within ASEAN and internationally.


The project required the consultant to work closely with the ACMF Communications Team and ACMF Working Group in increasing the top-of-mind recall by profiling ASEAN capital markets in a consistent brand image and look-and-feel across various channels and media.

Our Output/Impact

ASSIST through its creative development expert developed a standard brand image/corporate identity guidelines for marketing collaterals, print and online, refreshed and revamped the website, and supported ACMF’s direction through constant support and guidance from a creative standpoint.
Beyond one-time execution, ASSIST Creativelab has been working with the ACMF for the last 3 years consistently in various support activities from a creative and technical standpoint.

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