eLearning and Knowledge Management in the ACP region on Slum Upgrading

SDGs: Sustainable Citi and Communities, Partnerships for the Goals
Country/Region: Kenya

The Need

As a UN agency committed to implementing SDGs (SDG 11) and collaborating with stakeholders, UN-H’s PSUP programme aims to strengthen institutional and stakeholder capacity in slum improvement through good governance and management approaches. Promoting its adoption across the ACP countries requires uniform content, seamless delivery, and continuous monitoring of learning and adoption.


ASSIST entered into a cooperation agreement with UN-H to develop and design e-Learning content available in multiple languages. This includes the creation of an online platform that caters to various settings (E.g. low bandwidth) and provision of support for user management, content support, and technology maintenance. Furthermore, additional support was provided in facilitating an approach towards Private Sector Engagement in slum upgrading initiatives.

Our Output/Impact

With adoption and support from key stakeholders and gov’t leaders from the ACP region, 30+ hours of eLearning modules were developed in English and French along with learning support from 1000+ learners in the target region. Aside from this, an online web conference for more than 300+ regional leaders on PSE was hosted.

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