Design, Development and Rollout of eLearning Modules

SDGs: Zero Hunger, Partnerships for the Goals
Country/Region: Philippines

The Need

Education for the youth is pertinent for the overall progress and innovation of a country towards sustainable development. The ADEPT project aims to empower the youth by providing access to information and services on adolescent reproductive health, enabling the youth to make informed decisions about their health and welfare.


ASSIST recognizes this urgency to empower the future generation and the importance of education to achieve such. With that said, UNICEF and ASSIST partnered to develop a toolkit that served as instructional material to help guide primary healthcare workers deal effectively with adolescents.

Our Output/Impact

The project encompassed the development of an e-Learning toolkit, containing courses that help adolescents better understand numerous aspects of their lives such as feelings, dilemmas, issues, solutions, and outcomes, that specifically tie into their reproductive health. To complement the courses, facilitated training for healthcare service providers were conducted. Through these interventions, there has been increased communication, essential for the dissemination of knowledge, between health professionals and the youth.

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