Developing Communication Materials for country-level stakeholders of GPE as part of its Effective Partnership Rollout

SDGs: Quality Education, Partnerships for the Goals
Country/Region: GLOBAL

The Need

Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is a multistakeholder partnership focused on supporting and financing education in low and middle-income countries, contributing to SDG 4.
Based on the result of an independent review, GPE’s board decided to focus on improving the communication of GPE’s secretariat with its country-level stakeholders to ensure they are well informed of GPE’s overall goals, etc.


Based on this context, ASSIST was selected as the communication firm to support the work of GPE in updating its communication strategy. The primary work however focused on building a communications toolkit with materials that convey what GPE is, its goals and objectives, how it works, and the roles and accountabilities of the various partners and the Secretariat.

Our Output/Impact

ASSIST worked with key members of the GPE secretariat and initially contributed to the development of a communication strategy for EPR. As part of the communications toolkit, the project produced a series of white papers, testimonial videos, explainer videos, microsite, and related outreach materials – all aligned with the branding guidelines, end objectives, and target audience it was meant to be for.

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