Communications Plan and Implementation for Digital Citizenship Partnerships and Awareness Raising Digital Kids Asia Pacific

SDGs: Quality Education, Partnerships for the Goals
Country/Region: ASEAN

The Need

UNESCO set out to craft and implement a communications and marketing campaign to promote key findings from Digital Kids Asia Pacific (DKAP) – to promote adoption of certain policies among some of ASEAN countries. To effectively achieve this, UNESCO had to reach decision-makers like policymakers, academics, and other stakeholders and gain their buy-in to introduce policies around digital citizenship.


ASSIST increased visibility around UNESCO’s thought leadership on digital citizenship on social media through effective campaigns targeted at the right stakeholders to promote engagement and awareness.

Our Output/Impact

ASSIST developed the Communications strategy, digital marketing content (visual design, graphics, videos, blog posts, and other relevant content), lead generating landing page, and managed the social media pages. ACL exceeded the targets for all key performance indicators, with an average of 254.23% completion per metric.

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