Development of Strategies and Materials to increase visibility of UNIDO in the Philippines

Sector:Energy and Natural Resources
SDGs: Sustainable Citi and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production, Partnerships for the Goals
Country/Region: Philippines

The Need

The UNIDO Country Programme (CP) is designed to enhance UNIDO’s support to the Government of the Republic of the Philippines to implement a roadmap towards Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID). UNIDO has aligned the current CP 2018-2023 priorities for the Philippines, with the Philippine Development Plan 2017 – 2022, building on the achievements of past projects and programs.


ASSIST Creativelab has been engaged to be the Consultant on Communications and Advocacy of UNIDO to increase its visibility in the Philippines as it embarks on the CP 2018-2023 components and other cross-cutting activities through strategies and materials. ASSIST Creativelab customized communication strategies and materials towards donors, government counterparts at national and sub-national levels, beneficiary communities, industry/private sector representatives, other development partners, and the public in general.

Our Output/Impact

ASSIST Creativelab developed a Communications Plan that includes advocacy campaign strategies in social media engagements, broadsheet, mass media, and other available media. Aligned with the Communications Plan, ASSIST also created communication materials, developed a template for the Quarterly UNIDO E-Bulletin, created Infographics, designed holiday and thank you cards, increased/improved social media accounts of UCO-PHI.

Featured Works